How to import your motorcyle

Found a Motorcycle you want to purchase and Import from overseas and don’t know how to go about Importing it to Australia?

Here’s how LLS can help.

What you need to do

  • Advise the dealer you will nominate your own Freight Forwarder. Nominating your own Freight Forwarder gives you security and control of your costs.
  • You will need to obtain an Import Permit from DOTARS. We recommend you have the Import Permit on hand prior to shipping your Motorcycle. LLS can assist with the application as requested. Please contact us for the Import Application Form.
  • Once you have your Permit you will need to provide LLS with a copy of the Import Permit as this is required for Customs purposes.

What we arrange

  • Booking space with the Shipping Line
  • Collection of your Motorcycle from the dealer
  • Export Customs Clearance and Documentation
  • Loading & Securing your Motorcycle in a Container or Aircraft pallet
  • Customs and Quarantine formalities in Australia
  • Unloading your Motorcycle
  • Quarantine Inspection
  • Delivery as requested

Shipping methods

Here are the methods LLS can bring your Motorcycle down under.